Primacy of God

The goal of all of life is to bring glory to God. This is why we and all things were made. There is only one God, and this one God exists in three distinct, separate Persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are the same in essence, equal in power and glory.

We place primacy on God because He is the source of and the goal of all life.

Primacy of Scripture

We believe that the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament are the written Word of God. Therefore they alone carry the authority of God and are the only certain, infallible, and sufficient rule in all matters of faith, saving knowledge, obedience, and life.

We place primacy on the Scriptures to govern all matters of our lives and the life of our Church

Primacy of Gospel

All men and women have transgressed the Law of God. We were born into sin through our parents, Adam and Eve, and have also disobeyed this awesome, all-powerful, holy, and glorious God. Therefore God must punish everyone who sins against Him.

The Gospel means, “Good news.” The good news is that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to come to this world. Jesus perfectly obeyed all of God’s demands that we have broken. He was crucified and buried. He suffered the undiluted wrath of God. He did this not because He deserved it, but because we deserved it. Jesus died in our place. He was our substitute. If we believe in Him and are united with Him in His death, we can be forgiven since Jesus has suffered the punishment we deserved.

We place primacy on the Gospel because it is the only way that we, as sinners, can be at peace with God.

Primacy of Grace

All men are sinners. Anyone who commits sin becomes a slave to sin. Our sin is nothing short of spiritual deadness. Since we are spiritually dead, we cannot make any effort to approach God. Dead people can’t do anything. Therefore, it is all placed in the balance of God’s sovereign grace. God must take the initiative in saving people in Christ because, left to our own efforts, we would not come to Him. This is why salvation is so frequently referred to as a gift in the Bible. It is a gift because we can’t do anything to earn it, but sit back and receive it as a gracious gift of God given to us through the death and resurrection of Christ.

We place primacy on the grace of God since it is the only hope for a fallen world.

Primacy of Local Church

God does not save sinners and expect us to make it through this life to heaven on our own. He does not save us and expect us to figure everything out all by ourselves. He has graciously provided the local church for us. This is one of His ways of keeping us in the faith and preserving us until the end.

Committing ourselves to local churches should be normal for Christians. In a local church we are changed by the preaching of the God’s Word. In community, we sing praises to our Savior with other redeemed sinners, we participate in the ordinances of the New Testament (baptism and the Lord’s supper), and share fellowship with other Christians. All of these aspects are crucial to living for the glory of God.

We place primacy on the local church since this is God’s plan for His people.

You may see a larger statement of our beliefs here.